Precision parts are the main focus of the Groupe EMI in metalworking activities. Small tolerances and difficulties related to special raw materials are challenges which were successfuly compiled by our teams since the creation of the group.

Prototypes parts translate the willingness of the Groupe EMI to support his customers upstream of their projects. A special section of the group is dedicated for these projects which implicate small volumes and special process.


Thanks to his own tool shop, the Groupe EMI controlled the different steps of the tools construction. Ensuring the link between the design office and the serial production, a whole structure is dedicated to new tools construction and maintenance operations. The focal point of this activity is the realization of progressive and transfer tools.

The benefit to ingrate this activity in interne is huge for our customers. Thanks to this proximity, the group is totally independent and able to be reactive and autonomous regarding to his means of production.


The Groupe EMI pays a particular attention to the development and the conception of its products. Based on more than 40 years’ experience, the knowledge of the Groupe EMI is recognized for his expertise by all his customers.

Using the latest CAD programs, designers and engineers teams optimize the feasibility of your projects according to your specifications.


Cleaning parts are increasingly requested. The Groupe EMI has some possibilities to wash cutting and stamping parts which are produced. This process allows oil, grease and particle removal.

Having at their disposal a gravimetric laboratory, both companies are able to measure their performance relative to the particles level (size, mass, etc.). Moreover, different processes can be used and mixed : immersion, steam, ultrasonic, rotational, oscillation, drying.


The Groupe EMI offers a lot of posibilities of assembly, for semi-finished products as for packaging solutions. Customers demand services that meet their needs but also solutions which facilitate the parts integration in their productive systems.

  • Automatic special machine
  • Welding: laser, TIG, electric
  • Crimping